Episode 1

Nigerian-Jamaican American App Developer

Brandon Nsekpong

Brandon is an App developer and entrepreneur living in Austin, TX
 A few years ago, Brandon founded and created Modobuddy.
      A mobile app that connects motorcycle riders with each other.

      I sat down with Brandon to explore his story. We discussed what it was like being raised by immigrant parents from Nigeria and  Jamaica, finding meaningful work by building community and how a viral marriage proposal got Brandon on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Episode 2


British-Congolese Comedian

Eddie Kadi

Eddie Kadi is the first British black comedian to headline the O2 Arena.He has performed across Africa from Congo to Zanzibar & appeared on TV shows in Uganda, Ghana, Congo, Kenya & Nigeria.

I spoke with Eddie about the keys to his comedic success, touring with Ms. Lauryn Hill and Nas, & how important it is for him to remain unashamed & unapologetically authentic to his African roots.


Episode 3

Ethiopian Psychiatric Nurse

Ledet Muleta

Ledet is the founder and director of Medixaa Health Services An organization that works to reduce the stigma of mental illness and provide support to those affected. Ledet has been working in the field of Mental Health for the past 14 years. Ledet is also a writer and producer of a film called CHULA

I recently sat down with Ledet to explore his story. We discussed how to examine and approach mental health within the African and African diaspora communities and her exciting new film about a young African woman living with bipolar disorder in the Washington D.C. area.

Episode 4

 Liberian Human Rights Advocate

Grace Freeman

At 8 months old, during a civil war in Liberia, Grace and her family fled to live at a refugee camp in Ghana. At age 7, Grace was taken away from her family to live as a child slave for 11 years.

Grace now travels to speak and uses her story to bring awareness, hope and change through events and media outlets around the world.

I spoke with Grace about her experience on being a refugee and child slave, how she held onto unwavering faith during some of her most darkest moments, and her passionate pursuit on becoming a Nurse while continuing her work as an advocate for change to help others fight for education and freedom.

Episode 5

  Nigerian American Multimedia Creative

Moyo Oyelola

Moyo Oyelola is a modern day renaissance man purposefully wandering.

He is a multimedia creative and storyteller originally from Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010 and has lived many lives since then, specifically around art and tech.

He currently is focused on owning his truth by focusing on stories and multimedia projects inspired by his travels around Africa and the people from around the world.

Episode 6

 Kenyan American Digital Storyteller

Evelyn From The Internets

Evelyn is an American born Kenyan digital storyteller living in Austin Texas. She has created her own platform to deliver her hilarious, insightful and unapologetic perspective with a successful YouTube channel, a prolific twitter page, and even Beyoncé knows her name!

I spoke with Evelyn about her viral video successes, first generation upbringing, using social media for a cause and her creative process for making videos.

Episode 7

Instagram LIVE Conversation on Mental Health

Psychiatric Nurse Ledet Muleta

In light of #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, we held an Instagram Live Conversation & Community Discussion on Mental Health with Psychiatric Nurse Ledet Muleta. The topics of discussion will surround the following...

1. The causes, symptoms and treatments for anxiety.
2. How to address, approach and heal the emotional and psychological impact of trauma
3. How to implement prevention and early interventions strategies to reduce substance abuse.

Episode 8

Instagram LIVE Conversation on Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship

Founder + Director Rediate Tekeste

On today’s show we have Director of Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship, Rediate Tekeste. We held an instagram live conversation surrounding the values of her amazing organization, why it’s important to reconnect to Ethiopia through our own experiences & the importance of the African Diaspora to the development and understanding of Africa. This is Africa In US.

Episode 9

South Sudanese Human Rights Activist

Bandak Lul

Bandak Lul is an acclaimed refugee advocate and human rights activist. He is a research project manager at Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR). Lul holds a number of social justice and human rights positions including his recent appointment as a Youth Delegate representing his birth country, South Sudan at the United Nations Youth for Human Rights International, member of the planning committee and national speaker at the Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy, and serving as advisory board member at Refugee Code Academy.

Episode 10

Nigerian Entrepreneur

Ikechi Nwbuisi

On today's show we have Nigerian Entrepreneur, Ikechi Nwbuisi. Ikechi is a Product Marketer, Public Speaker and Founder of a messaging app called TRiBL that instantly connects people of shared identities and culture locally. TRiBL, incubated in Silicon Jungle Labs, is a social platform built to connect immigrants to community at the intersectionalities of their cultural identity and social interests. I sat down with Ikechi to discuss entrepreneurship and his journey to make TRiBL become the most powerful African Diaspora social directory in the palm of our hands.